Planning for a Family Weekend Staycation? Here are Five Tips

Family enjoying the weekend in a room at Momentus Hotel Alexandra
Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen by pool edge at Momentus Hotel Alexandra

When it comes to rejuvenating over the weekend with your family, a staycation can be a noteworthy experience. Singapore offers numerous options, but it's essential to make the right choices for a truly memorable stay. Here are five tips to ensure your weekend staycation is a delightful one.

1. Choose the Right Accommodation

Selecting the right staycation hotel is crucial for a family weekend getaway. It's not just about a place to sleep; it's about finding a haven that caters to the needs of both you and your kids. Momentus Hotel Alexandra stands out as a top choice for finding respite within Singapore.

Its comfortable rooms and hotel suites provide ample family space, allowing everyone to relax and feel at home. Moreover, the hotel’s location in the city fringe offers access to various attractions, ensuring your weekend staycation is both comfortable and exciting.

2. Plan Activities for Everyone

Aside from choosing the accommodation, a fulfilling family staycation involves planning entertaining and engaging activities for all family members. Fortunately, Momentus Hotel Alexandra is surrounded by a range of attractions that cater to all ages, many accessible by public transportation.

For a mix of history and nature during your family staycation, consider visiting Kent Ridge Park, one of the must-visit landmarks near the hotel. This park houses several historical sites which offer an enlightening experience for families. Delve into wartime history at Reflections at Bukit Chandu and visit the commemoration plaque at Carpark B, marking the end of the war.

Kent Ridge Park is not just about history; it's also a haven for nature lovers. For instance, the Canopy Walk is an elevated 280-metre boardwalk that allows you and your loved ones to spot diverse wildlife, from sunbirds to squirrels. The park's natural pond is also teeming with turtles and fish, set against a backdrop of lush greenery and tranquil sounds of nature.

With magnificent views of offshore islands like Pulau Duran Darat from various lookout points, the park offers a serene escape within the city. Alternatively, consider exploring the streets of Alexandra and Tiong Bahru to admire the murals done by local artists and Dial Up Your Moments With Us.
You can also bring along your family-favourite board games and have a game-night party at the hotel. These activities not only entertain but can also strengthen familial bonds, making your family staycation in Singapore more memorable.

3. Pack Thoughtful Essentials

Packing for a weekend staycation requires balancing the essentials and the extra that can enhance your experience. If you plan to enjoy the rooftop pool at Momentus Hotel Alexandra, swimwear is a must. The hotel's rooftop infinity pool, featuring a separate child-friendly wading area, provides kids with a safe and enjoyable environment.

Remember to pack some sunscreen and hats for protection against the sun, and perhaps some of your favourite books or board games for relaxed entertainment by the pool. These thoughtful additions ensure comfort and leisure for your family throughout the staycation.

4. Ensure Kid-friendly Menus Are Available

Dining is a significant part of any staycation experience, especially when it comes to pleasing young palates. While Momentus Hotel Alexandra does not have a specific kids' menu, its dining options are remarkably kid-friendly.

The menu includes favourites like gourmet sourdough pizza and pasta, catering to various tastes and preferences.  This inclusive approach to dining ensures that families can enjoy their meals together, embracing the joy of shared dining experiences with options that appeal to all ages.

5. Unplug and Connect: Create Device-Free Times

In the digital era, taking time to unplug and engage in real-world interactions with your loved ones is increasingly important. Setting aside device-free time during your weekend staycation encourages family members to connect more meaningfully with each other.

This could be during mealtimes, while enjoying the hotel’s amenities, or when exploring Singapore's attractions. These moments of connection are precious, fostering stronger bonds and more intimate family memories.

Dial Up Your Weekend with Staycation Deals in Singapore

Between busy workweeks, going on a weekend staycation in Singapore can help you unwind and connect with your loved ones – and we are here to help you make the most of it. At Momentus Hotel Alexandra, we offer a ‘Dial Up Your Moments With Us’ staycation package that includes everything you need to create a memorable experience with your loved ones.
From kid-friendly amenities like the shallow wading and reflection pools to the dining experiences and more, our hotel stands out among the best staycation deals on the island. Embrace a weekend of joy, bonding, and exploration with Momentus Hotel Alexandra, where every moment with friends and family becomes a cherished memory.